Personal Training

Enforce fitness 

 functional, effective training

Want to increase your strength and flexibility?

Any effective exercise program that emphasizes strength and flexibility training should be functional. That means that each exercise uses multiple joints and different planes of movement. To effectively do this, one must duplicate their movements during daily activities. Functional training meets several goals; strengthening of the muscles, bones and joints involved, increasing balance and coordination, and improves your function, making you more capable to perform your daily, or sports activities. Our personal trainers can help you.

Are you recovering from an injury and need to strengthen 
a specific area of your body

Rehabilitation centers specialize in helping an individual with recovery from an injury to a specific body part — but they can only take their patients so far. The real work begins when treatment is over. People should continue strengthening the injured area as well as the related “links” involved in its movement. Our personal trainer services take a holistic approach to help you improve strength and flexibility in those links, as well as improve your overall fitness.

Need to lower your blood pressure?

Resistance and aerobic training are important factors in lowering blood pressure and resting heart rate. The more fit you are, the more efficiently your cardiovascular system functions. As a result your heart does not have to work as hard. Exercise results in a heart that is stronger, more efficient, and can more effectively pump blood through your body. The positive impact of exercise also allows many people to reduce or eliminate their reliance on blood pressure medications, with their doctor’s permission.

Do you need to lose, or even GAIN weight?

Strength and aerobic training develop lean muscle, and are highly effective in increasing the body’s metabolism to more efficiently utilize calories. The more lean muscle you have, the better chance you have to lose fat, and ultimately lose unwanted weight. Yes, some people actually need to gain weight. Being underweight can often be unhealthy and look cosmetically unappealing. Gaining muscle mass and tone through resistance training increases body weight and looks great. Our personal trainers can point you in the right direction to achieving whatever goals we set together. Your fitness is important to us.

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